About BR-Systems

Innovative solutions for bike racks for motorhomes

BR-Systems has grown from more than 35 years of knowhow and experience of the family of the founder Louis Brutsaert. Today, the team shares the same pioneering spirit as in the early days. Thanks to this attitude, BR-Systems time and time again succeeds in inventing innovative solutions for the motorhome accessories market, especially focussing on a complete range of bike racks.

Revolutionary bike lift

The most recent showpiece of BR-Systems is the patented Bike Lift or Electric Bike Rack for E-bikes and classic bikes. This revolutionary bike rack allows easy transport of electric bikes - which are a lot heavier than classic bikes – at the back of the motorhome. Without any intense efforts and in a safe way.

Durable quality, user-friendly design

From the design table to the production hall, we pay a lot of attention to user-friendliness, durability and the design of the products.
In every phase of the production process, the design and production teams dare to depart from well-trodden paths. No innovation for the innovation, but a customer-oriented quest for a total solution which combines user-friendliness and durable quality.

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