Terms and Conditions

  1. In order to commit every order must be confirmed in our office.
  2. We take all useful steps in order to respect the terms of delivery and we do not accept any penalty of delay.
  3. A delay in the delivery may not in any case lead to a cancellation of the order.
  4. The goods are dispatched at the own risks of the consignee.
  5. In order to be valid any complaint must be made in writing to our firm, at the latest within the days which follow the receipt of the goods.
  6. All the invoices are to be paid in Menen.
  7. Our agents or representatives do not have authority to collect the amount of the invoice exept explicit stipulation.
  8. The risk of change is chargeable to the buyer.
  9. In the absence of any express written provision to the contrary, all invoices are payable at 30 days.
  10. Any amount unpaid on the due date shall, automatically and without prior notice, attract interest at a rate 2 % above that applied on the invoice date by the Belgian National Bank to current account advances against government securities.
  11. If any invoice remains wholly or partialy unpaid on its due date, and there is no valid reason for such non-payment, the outstanding balance shall be increased bij 12 %. The amount of this increase shall be not less than 50 EUR and shall not exceed 1500 EUR, and shall be payable in all cases including those where an extension of credit has been agreed.
  12. Should an invoice remain unpaid on the due date, all invoices shall immediately become due for payment, regardless of their original date of maturity.
  13. Should the buyer fail to honour his engagements, we may consider the contract cancelled and a letter send by recorded delivery by us to the buyer shall be evidence of our exercise of this right. Such action shall not in any way limit or prejudice our other rights.
  14. If in our opinion there is a deterioration in the creditworthiness of the buyer on account of measures of judicial execution against the buyer and/or other negative demonstrable events, we reserve the right to ask the buyer to provide such guarantees as we deem proper to ensure the full performance by the buyer of his engagements under the contract. Should the buyer fail to meet any reasonable demand for such a guarantee, we shall have the right to cancel all or part of any contracts in operation.
  15. Until payment in full to us for the goods, the goods shall remain our property. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the risk in the goods and all liability to third parties in respect thereof shall pass to the buyer on delivery. The buyer shall be entitled to transform the goods or to incorporate them in a new product or products. In that case we reserve to ourselt the legal and equitable title to the final product or products into which the goods are incorporated of mixed. The buyer shall store the finalproducts separately and properly or these products shall remain with us until full payment will have been made to us for the goods. The buyer shall sell the goods in the normal course of his business but on condition that thebuyer, in a fiduciary capacity as bailee of the goods, and for so long as he has not fully discharged his debt to us, shall hold and pursue claims for the proceeds of their sale equal to the price of the goods for and on behalf of us. The buyer shall fully pursue such claims and if necessary shall recover the sums due by legal process. The buyer shall if so required by us, allow us to conduct in the buyer's name legal proceedings in respect of the monies due on the sale of the goods. Any sums recovered by us as a result of such proceedings (including sums accepted by us in settlement thereof whether or not equal to the sums claimed) shall be applied to the payment of the monies due to us from the buyer and then to the reasonable costs incurred by us in the course of such proceedings. Any balance remaining shall be paid to the buyer. Prior to the sale of the goods, the buyer shall, so far as reasonable practicable, store the goods separately from similar goods of the buyer, mark the goods as our property and shall not remove, obliterate of in any manner alter any label, mark or other means we may have of identifying the goods.
  16. The conditions of this contract shall not be modified in any way by the drawing of acceptance of a bill of exchange or by any other arrangement, nor shall any such act constitute a novation.
  17. Disputes arising out of this contract shall be referred to the Court of Kortrijk or, at our discretion, to the Courts having jurisdiction at the buyer's domicile.
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